There are 5 points. Please scroll down all the way to the bottom

1) STRICTLY NO RE-RECORDING, DOWNLOADING, UPLOADING of the videos to any other sites & redistributing of the videos are allowed. Viewing is permissible strictly from the members area.

2) For free courses, the academy has the right to revoke the access to the members area at anytime that is deemed necessary without any notice. For paid courses, members will be notified one month in advance if such measures are needed to be taken.

3) No sharing of login info is allowed except between spouses (husband and wife). Therefore, each person is required to have his/her own account.

4) Occasionally, we do send out announcements and updates regarding our upcoming courses and activities from our academy via email.

5) Students must register using their REAL names. We do not accept nicknames or ‘Kunyah/Laqab’, such as Abu/Ummu Hassan (father or mother of Hassan). The academy reserves the right to reject any application that is deemed inappropriate, including refusal to disclose one’s real name during registration.